1 Pre Qualification

All perspective contractors will pre-qualify to be entered on a tender for every project. Our standard forms will ask for information on their previous experience, financial standing, health & safety record, company’s structure and references from past clients. It is important to carry this out at this stage to safe guard the client against tendering and potentially contracting with unsuitable contractors. Typically unless specifically requested a. List of between six and eight contractors will be asked to pre-qualify.

2 Tender Documentation

All potential contractors need to price the same information as part of a formal bidding process to enable a comparison of costs to be carried out. A standard from building contract will be advised from the various standard suites and options available dependent upon the procurement route to be taken. The design information will be accompanied by a clear and concise commercial document that will be produced for the project including the management rules for the project, a pricing schedule and any amendments to the standard form contract.

3 Quantified Schedule

All tender documentation will include a pricing schedule and dependent upon the level of design available more extensive quantities preparations could be produced utilising either the CESSM or SMM method of measurements rules. Bills of quantities are skilled and labour intensive though are extremely important to cost control as the project proceeds.

4 Tender Management

The tender period is the time between the issue of the tender documentation and the receipt of the initial tenders. The integrity of a commercial tender is paramount to the end value of the proposed project and the client future ability to achieve value for money from future projects. Dooleys utilise an auditable management process to ensure clarity from all parties during the tender period.

5 Tender Analysis

The initial tender returns in all procurement forms need analysis to understand the details of each supplier’s price, as they will all interpret the documents in a different way. The service is to understand these differences and to analyse the impact to the client. In addition to the financial information it is important to understand the qualifications and present the client with equal bids to make informed decisions.

6 Contract Negotiations & Documentation

Dependent upon the procurement route the final contract negotiations will usually be about the agreement of the exclusions and qualifications included in the tender and the details of program and any necessary warranties and bonds. The contract documentation will be formed from the information that was tendered and all the amendments to the initial tender to the contract agreement.

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