Project Control

1 Strategic Brief

The need for a strategic brief is paramount to all projects as it is a clear indication of the client objectives. The strategic brief will provide the design team with the basic information to develop a design. Working with our clients Dooleys review the Quality, Time and Cost parameters with the client to ensure that the brief and services being requested meet the end user optimum solution.

2 Program Management

Planning the program to understand the timescales of the various elements of the process is important to manage the macro element of the project. At the earliest opportunity dates and timescales for design, procurement, construction and occupation should be considered. As the project develops each element can be micro managed and provides all parties with clear definitive targets.

3 Project Execution Plan

Experience of working on all types of projects has proven that it essential that both documents and processes are followed and understood to keep the project on track. The most proficient form of doing this is to have a project manual developed by the Project Management team resolving lines of communications and information flow procedures plus meeting schedules. This manual can also be issued with tender documentation to ensure all contractors working on site understood the procedures and had accounted for this in their price, avoiding disputes later on site.

4 Contract Administration

The burden of ensuring information is replied to and administered correctly falls directly to the contract administrator in any standard form contract. Dooley’s can provide a  tried and tested service issuing the Contract instructions, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, issue of all payment certificates, handover certificates and all formal letters to contractors. The service being offered will ensure compliance with the agreements and reduce the risks of additional claims from contractors for time and money.

Case Studies