Project Cost Control

1 Variation Cost Management

Construction projects inevitably will incur variations that originate from client changes, design detailing or unidentified work scope. The initial cost plan include contingency to deal with these items and obtain the best deal for a client based upon the procurement route taken. Employing a clear and concise process to agreeing the content of each variation enables our team to present a negotiated value to the client.

2 Valuations of the Work Completed

Contractors need to be paid in accordance with the commitments made in the contract document. Understanding the procedure of calculating the work done to date, the materials on and off site, and the variations undertaken in a period is the role of our Chartered Quantity Surveyors. In accordance with the contract conditions Dooleys will visit site and ascertain the value to pay in the period this will be in conjunction with the main contractor’s commercial team.

3 Change Control

Change control is the process of the evaluation potential changes prior to making a contractual commitment. The process developed by Dooleys operates periodically based upon the agreement to capture the project changes and allow the client and their advisors to understand the impact of a decision and consider options prior to a financial commitment.

4 Financial Reports

Keeping our clients informed of their commitments is a key aspects of the services we provide. The financial reports provide the high level cost information at a glance with detailed auditable back up in a proactive and concise document that has been designed to make a complicated subject as simple to understand as possible while retaining the information needed to provide confidence in the information.

5 Final Accounts

A rolling final account is the aim of the Dooleys project cost control procedure therefore ensuring the client is aware of the financial commitments at all times. At the end of each project there will inevitably be final elements of works that either could not be resolved due to a disagreement of content between the parties or due the delay in information from suppliers to resolve queries. A full detailed final account will be prepared to ensure full and final settlement is achieved.

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